Exhibition of Studio Projects

Bakovský corner

Bc. Pavlína Baraníková


The land is located on a corner plot, on the square in Bakov nad Jizerou. This is a plot of land that is currently unused and there is only a grassy area. I designed two houses on the plot, which are connected by a neck, in which there is a staircase leading to the second floor. The neck is illuminated from the street by a window, which is screened with lace made of bricks and is receded at the bottom. The house, which is gutter-oriented to the square, adjoins the neighboring house and completes the street line. In this part there is a cafe with a garden on the ground floor and apartments on the first floor. The house, which is set in a side street, is gutter-oriented towards the street. In this part there is a small shop on the ground floor and an apartment on the first floor.

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