Exhibition of Studio Projects

Creation of Třebonicee

Matěj Střecha, Bc. Karolína Myšková, Bc. Laure Philippe



On this brisk summer day, I need to escape the confining walls of the city and experience a little bit of paradise. I walk through the market, the orchard of vibrant bee life I see horses neighing long ago. The pond under the old linden tree is an oasis in the urban jungle. The vineyards and vast fields of the cemetery give the same majestic impression as the space of the Gothic cathedral. The dominant church seems to be an escalation of all the events in the park. I feel the power and connection to nature. An earthly paradise to behold! But it's not a dream. I see people living and working just like me. Children play and parents inhabit a nearby brewery. A sweet fruity smell wafts from the distillery and the divine light is dimmed by the greenhouse wall. It's as if time has stopped here.

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