Exhibition of Studio Projects

Smíchov riverside

Michaela Petrová


The side of the Smíchovka project is located in Prague 5 Smíchov, in the southern part of the Vltava riverside. I propose to make the area more attractive for both the local residents and tourists. The main landmark is the art gallery located at the intersection of Stakonická and Moulíkova streets, which leads from the Smíchovské nádraží tram stop. The gallery's main entrance is accessible from the upper level. There is also a ramp and stairs leading to the lower level of the riverside, where cafes, restaurants and workshops are set into the terrain, in front of which is a large public space with a row of trees and a view of the opposite bank, Vyšehrad. The public and semi-public spaces of the bank is connected by a children's playground, which is followed by a complex apartment buildings.

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