Exhibition of Studio Projects

Mnichovo Hradiště - Connecting an urban farm with the town square

Luisa Chantal Plantor, Luis Le Bretton


Located in the historical city center of Mnichovo Hradiste, our intervention's aim was to preserve the urban coherence of this zone. As the edges are mainly occupied by historical buildings, our intervention attempts to bring a new breath to the area by creating an contemporary urban farm in its core. As a former barn was located in the center of the plot, we decided to shed lights on its vernacular architecture. Thus, we restore it in a conservative way and bring it back to its initial function of agricultural building. Cornerstone of the project, the urban farm connects so numerous actors of the area. Particularly the new after school care and the main square area, which includes a building for food processing, a farm-café and a farm-shop with apartments in the upper floors.

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