Exhibition of Studio Projects

Hide and seek - nursery in Žižkov courtyard

Anna Pavelková


Nursery enclosed within itself, occupying every square centimeter the courtyard. A friendly, safe place in the middle of Žižkov. Žižkov is known for beer, balconies, and pawnshops. When a young couple has a child in this environment of beer gardens and insufficient capacity in nurseries, the family quickly moves away. Hence the nursery. It consists of four classrooms for 65 children. The initial idea behind designing the nursery was as follows: just open the doors and run out to the playground in the atrium or the rooftop garden. In reality, however, it wouldn't be so simple. The child would first spend twenty minutes putting on their shoes and than refuse to wear a coat. But if we add a changing room between the child and the garden and replace the grass with tartan, it will work.

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