Exhibition of Studio Projects

Tool and Tractor Shed

Bc. Petra Malinská


I need to park the tractor, it would be nice if it didn't rain on it, and it shouldn't cost too much! Oh, yeah, and actually a wheelbarrow, a winch, yeah, and Grandad's little tow truck should fit in there too. And I'd sleep there sometimes. Well, it's enough if it doesn't rain on me. Larch? Well, where would I get larch? Spruce, from the woods here. Logs, timbers, planks, you name it! But keep it simple. Why isn't the roof pitched, the neighbours will gossip about me. Well, how am I gonna explain to them that I don't have a pitched roof? They'll think I'm losing my mind! You know, I finally remembered that my son can't drive back into that shed, he can't do it with the wheelbarrow and the tractor like I can! Couldn't we redo the whole thing so we don't have to drive back?

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