Exhibition of Studio Projects

Apartment building above Rajská zahradá

Natália Henselová



The proposal solves a gap in the city of Nové Město nad Metují. The building is located on Komenského street, which is one of the main roads of the city forming its center. Proluka is on the border between the busy part of the city and the quiet Paradise Garden, through which the river Metuje flows. For that reason, the residential building is oriented to both of these sides in order to give residents the opportunity to choose between the peace of nature and the busy life of the city center. In my proposal, I tried to create a unique type of apartment for each resident, whether an individual or a family. I wanted to achieve a feeling of uniqueness and own 'unique place', which is adapted to the needs of the user. Part of the proposal included access to the Paradise Garden itself, which pro

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