Exhibition of Studio Projects

parking garage of the future : ORN/BLK+PD+...

Bc. Faris Jašarević


Parking garage of the future is not a radical idea, it is the new standard, a way of perceiving cars, and their necessity. It is predicted that in the next 50 years, cars will likely or even completely disappear from cities, and that people will focus more on alternative ways of transport. The parking garage (for) of the future is in this interface. The new standard is a building that can continuously adapt to changes and update its program as follows. What if this happened tomorrow? This means that cars will no longer be on the streets, nor in parking garages. Instead, we need to provide something that is always needed – affordable housing. The goal is a building that can endure change for the next 100 to 300 years, because the only sustainable building is the one that can “live” long.

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