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Holiday homes

Ema Bohdanecká


In the western part of Štěchovice lies a narrow plot of land surrounded by the banks of the Vltava river, a forest and a dirt road. On it, a set of buildings, which in its form refers to the architecture of the surrounding rural environment. The abstraction of the archetypal shape of the saddle roof, materialized by contemporary means, expresses belonging to a given place. He refers to it and adds another layer with respect, but at the same time and confidently. The ground plan traces of individual objects, which are connected into one whole, are intentionally rotated in order to disrupt the directive arrangement of individual masses one behind the other. The north-eastern façades delimit the boundary between the public and private parts. This architectural form further strengthens the lapidary expression of the facade, which opens towards the river and offers users a view with its generous glazing.

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