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Café Šesťák - public space

Stepanka Beránková


Šesťák, a public space and also a café, is located on Vítězné náměstí in Dejvice at the point where Dejvická Street ends, but at the same time it is a very open space. According to this fact the project strives for the greatest possible permeability and also for an interesting termination of Dejvická Street. Variability of its use affects the design, it does not prevent passage, it offers a shelter against unpleasant weather, but the main purpose is the composition of the three circles, the first of them, a cylinder, hides refreshments, the second one, a floating disk, serves as a podium and the third, a cutout in the roof, defines the space for a café equipment, dance school, auditorium and much more. The whole building is wooden, which creates a pleasant and warm atmosphere.

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