ZAN projects

Two Bistros

Elisabetta Vianello


This project responds to the initial research, where in my case I decided to expand the seating areas so that they are not only nicely architecturally designed, but most importantly that they find good use in traffic. They are located in such a way that one always has good access to the cellars, which form the "core" of the whole Vrbica. There are several types of picnic spots. They are divided according to size, shape, number of tables and so on. Next, I am dealing with the very centre of Vrbica, where I am replacing the old firehouse with a new building so that this now unused building can find its use. In the building there are public toilets, which were missing in Vrbica for such a large tourist load. There will also be the possibility of refreshments thanks to the two small bistros.

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