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Tomáš Kunc



Movement: In my design of the Sukov reservoir near Kutná Hora, I was inspired by the landscape of my heart, which is the Pálava Protected Landscape Area. I tried to make the visitor experience the same feelings as freedom, but I also worked with a movement that is indispensable in the landscape and gives it life. Movement is an important part of my landscape, not only is it visible through hilly terrain, stretching vineyards, but it is also, for example, in the wind, in the movement of the water level of Mušov Lakes, in the movement of people, especially in summer, when Pálava is visited by many people. I worked with the hilly terrain of the Sukov reservoir, which "flows" out of the reservoir and resembles the extent of Pálava, there is also a lake in the reservoir, which fills the space.

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