Researching the Relationship Between Built Environment and Transport: Theory, Methodology, and Specifics for the Czech Context

Ing. arch. Jan Bittner

The paper provides a theoretical framework and methodological overview for follow-up research on the relationship between the built environment and transport behaviour in the Czech context. Divided into four parts, the paper begins by describing the urgency for such research. The second part reviews fundamental transport modelling methods commonly used in the built environment – transport relation research. The methodical concept of Activity-Based Modelling (ABM) is selected for further elaboration through a comprehensive diagram. Individual parts of the diagram are grouped and described. In the third part of the paper, the ABM concept is derived into a quantitative methodology suitable for the built environment – transport quantitative research. Typical dependent and independent variables are listed. Finally, the fourth part of the paper discusses ABM method limits and requirements in the Czech context.

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