Final projects

Multifunctional building in Aspern Seestadt, Austria

Totušek Roman

Architecture and Urbanism, Bachelor Project


To live together. Residency focusing on views, communication and community. Public, yet private. Both library on the ground floor and residential area manifesting the essence of the building. The library being 1,5 meter inground allows the courtyard to be different in height yet maintaining unitary area. Inside the library, which consists of two floors, it is possible to work alone or in a group, to take a rest, to spend time with friends or to burn the midnight oil in the Dionysus barrel but especially – to be a part of a community. The apartment building complies to the key values thanks to the residential porches and common terraces, offering a variety of private and public areas. The variety encouraging the person to stop by before they close the door to their apartment.

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