Research projects

Analysis of the impact of the built environment on the daily mobility patterns of inhabitants of the Prague agglomeration based on location data of mobile operators

During the development of the dissertation, which addresses the issue of population mobility in the hinterland of the Prague agglomeration, a significant knowledge gap was identified in the form of the lack of research on the influence of the built environment on daily mobility patterns using location-based mobile data. Therefore, the present SGS research builds on a newly created dataset of mobile operator location data of the population of Prague and the Central Bohemian Region, which, due to its unique technical parameters (fine granularity, continuous time collection), allows for the investigation of the influence of a wide range of built environment characteristics that cannot be investigated at a conventional level of data aggregation. The method of the work is based on statistical inference of data from the above mentioned dataset, supplemented by quantified characteristics of the built environment (e.g. land use, spatial structure, availability of amenities, transport accessibility of superior population centres, etc.). The primary use of the output is to quantify the impact of the built environment on daily mobility patterns, which can be used in planning practice. A secondary use is to calibrate traffic models generated by other methods.

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