Young Architect Award 2019: most of the awards were won by our students

The best works from the 11th year of the competition for students and architects up to the age of 33 came from the workshops of our students or graduates. The jury recognized the works of Anna Svobodová, Ondřej Blaha, Barbora Červeňová, Filip Hermann, Sausan Haj Abdová and Martin Petřík. In their projects, they elaborated on the theme of rental housing.

The professional jury evaluated the works according to the fulfillment of the potential of rental housing, the immediate involvement of the design in the context of the location and the subsequent contribution to social life in the near and distant surroundings. "The theme of rental housing has proved to be very topical and far from exhausted. The entrants managed to combine original, contemporary approaches with humility and inspiration in 20th century architecture," declared this year's jury chair and rector of the Architectural Institute in Prague (ARCHIP, Regina Loukotová.

This year's winners were MgA. Anna Svobodová and Ondřej Blaha Ing. MgA, with their design of the Karlín apartment building. They wedged the building into a narrow, steep slope between Pernerova Street and the railroad. According to the jury, they showed a deep understanding of the essence of rental housing. Their division of space into shared and private and the variability of their ties represent an innovative model of a metropolitan apartment building and bring positive impacts for the adjacent city neighborhood.

The winner of the competition can look forward to a visit to one of Europe’s metropolises, during which they will meet with an important architect and become familiar with the local design solutions of rental housing.

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