How to write a dissertation in architecture?

An e-publication on how to write a dissertation in architecture has been published. In it, its author, prof. Matúš Dulla, summarized his long experience in teaching and research. In vivid language and a multitude of examples, he goes into great detail about his own writing, advocacy, and publishing the results of his dissertation in a field where science, art, and engineering meet. The publication is for Ph.D. students in architecture but also in related fields.

"I was trying to avoid the instruction manual, which would only be a dry interpretation of the last citation standard or other obligations. Somewhere I mixed humorous statements into the text, such as the so-called Murphy Laws. But these are often so apt that you can take them seriously," writes prof. Matúš Dulla in the foreword.

The author explains that even architecture has a place in science and recalls that there is not such a deep gap between science and art. He recommends that doctoral students narrow the subject of their dissertation and address the problem in depth. To learn and know what others know, but not to forget that the wisdom of others cannot be stolen. Present thoroughly the authorship of quoted ideas. In the book, he further advises on how to design and write larger texts. It also adds spelling instructions and practical advice on where and how to write undisturbed or how to handle procrastination. He recalls that science-popularisation writing may be the precursor to scientific publishing. As a regular member of the exam boards, he draws attention to what the adepts could improve in defending their dissertation. At the end of each chapter, he offers good advice, with the most relevant thoughts.

"It is up to you what you choose from these experiences, what you learn from, and what you fail to do one way or another," the author says at the end of the book to all those who are writing or preparing for a dissertation.


How to write a dissertation in architecture
prof. Ing. arch. Matúš Dulla, Dr.Sc.

The publication of the book was supported by the internal competition of FA CTU, IP RPMT 2020.
Issued by the Czech Technical University in Prague, processed by the Faculty of Architecture of CTU 2020
ISBN: 978-80-01-06790-1

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