PES is at stage four. School is closing again, only senior year students can enter studios

Since 18. 12. more stringent government measures have been in place under level 4 emergency alert. Attendance theoretical instruction for students of all years is forbidden - teaching goes into distance form. Presentation practical / laboratory, experimental / artistic instruction for students in the final years of bachelor's and master's degree courses IS POSSIBLE with maxium 20 students in the group.

Vice-Dean for Education prof. Irena Šestáková reminds all faculty members and students that if there is PES at the stage 4 in the studio week, only students of the last year up to 20 persons and in the presence of the teacher (and following the measures) can be in the studios.

If there is PES at the stage 3 in the studio week, students of all degrees up to 20 persons can be in the studio, with a teacher present and following the measures.

Information for BP and DP supervisors:

Due to the declared lockdown in Slovakia, for example, it is possible that foreign students will not be able to hand over BP or DP physically on 8. 1. 2021, this fact must be reported by the student to the supervisor of the work and study department. In this case, the student will submit the work by 8. 1. 2021 at noon to KOS, where the supervisor of the work will assess it, the physical submission will then be dealt with on an individual basis, so that the work gets physically to the FA by the deadline for the defence.

For more up-to-date information, check CTU's website.



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