Lucie Koháková won the Graduation Projects 2020 international competition with her Bachelor's project. Jan Kulhánek won second place

The design of the Luna portable night light brought Lucie Koháková, a third-year bachelor's student of the Design program, winning the Graduation Projects 2020 international competition in the 3D Design category. Second in the ranking was her classmate Jan Kulhánek from the master's degree with his diploma project in which he designed a ferry for Prague.

Our students were successful in competing with the 243 diploma and bachelor's projects of students from the Visegrád Four countries, namely the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary. The results of the 19th edition of the competition were announced online this time, with 30 of the best-awarded works to be exhibited at Chateau Cieszyn in Těšín, Poland, which is the organizer of the competition.

Lucie Koháková was processing her bachelor's project in studio Karel. Her light, LUNA, is primarily designed for use in night care for young children. When a baby needs to be fed, just touch the organic light object placed near the bed and turn on the light. Muted orange light with an absence of blue and green spectral components has beneficial effects on the sleep quality of both the child and the parent. "The greatest benefit of the work for me was that I could get into the issue of lighting, especially the effect of light on visual comfort and human health. This inspired me to modify my own lifestyle and be more cautious about choosing home lighting," says Lucie Koháková.

More about Lucie Koháková's bachelor project can be found here.

The second Jan Kulhánek, who incidentally recently won special recognition in the Czech Design Award for the design of the carafe, was successful this time in the final projects competition, with his diploma project Vokoun - a ferry boat for Prague, which he was working on at the studio Jaroš.

The Vokoun carrier is 9 meters long, has a draught not exceeding 50 centimeters and has a built-in 22 kW engine. It is classified as a small craft and is used for carrying 12 people. In the proposal Jan Kulhánek focused mainly on safety, comfort and easy maintenance. He linked the traditional and modern design of the ship to the visuals of Prague's public transport. "The aim of my work was to design a ship that would bring people together and leave the passengers with positive emotions and a magical moment that can only be experienced from the surface of Prague's Vltava", describes Jan Kulhánek.

The whole diploma project of Jan Kulhánek can be found here.

More about the competition Graduation Projects is available here.


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