A new book of the Jewish City Between Myth and History

The publication presents the results of several years of work by Prof. Domenico Chizzonitti's team from the Polytechnic University of Milan (Politecnico di Milano), who have studied Jewish Prague and contemporary architectural implementations in the context of the Josefov district in Prague. His team also includes our teacher, Ondřej Císler, who was involved in the research.

As part of their studio assignments, Italian students drew up designs for new structures - an experimental cultural center, a museum of Jewish culture, a new Jewish museum building, an experimental theater, or a coastal promenade. The students were divided into groups in which they used the geometric composition method on free-form typologies of cultural constructions. They created complex spatial organisms woven into the existing structure, e.g. in the context of the Anežský Monastery or in Curie Square, which they presented in sophisticated axonometric drawings and large scale models.

Rather than contextual or monumental piety approaches, Professor Chizzonitti's team chose a systematic compositional abstraction built on a formidable theoretical basis that includes, among other things, a detailed knowledge of the history of Czech architecture and the culture of Jewish Prague.

The book is published in Italian with an English summary. It contains an extensive theoretical introduction, selected works by students, and texts by experts involved in both teaching and research activities.

Domenico Chizzoniti: Praga - La Citta Embraica Tra Mito e Storia
Published by Aión in 2021, 119 pages




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