Ten years ago, the New CTU Building in Prague was inaugurated

Ten years ago, the New CTU Building in Prague was inaugurated. It was designed by Professor Alena Šrámková with her colleagues Lukáš Ehl and Tomáš Koumar. The construction of the building, which, in addition to the Faculty of Architecture of CTU in Prague, also houses the Faculty of Information Technology of CTU in Prague, took only 18 months. It's located on the last vacant lot of a college campus designed by Professor Engel's regulatory plan from 1924.
© Radek Úlehla / coatmen

When the authors thought about the concept of a new school, they were involuntarily reacting to the old-school environment, where everyone went only when they had to go for an exercise, consultion, work, and that was it. People didn not know each other. Alena Šrámková, Lukáš Ehl and Tomáš Koumar recall that even the architecture of the old building was not very encouraging for students of this particular discipline. But in the new glass building project, they also wanted it not to make students feel that architects were something special.

"So we designed an ordinary house for the school. Pretty solid. The house, which is not too delicate for disorder, has its own inner dignity, and, we believe, it is without exclusive contemporary design," the creators describe the New Building of CTU in Prague. “We think that the house has a kind of disposition logic, that no one will get lost there, that it will be seen where everyone is and especially where no one is, and that perhaps there will be more work done at school than at home," they add in their list of what the authors say should and should not be done in the building. They mention, for example, that any view of the glass windows of communications must not be obscured, or that nothing should be glued anywhere in the building. Read their full text about the concept of the building on our site and enjoy up-to-date photos of Radek Úlehly / coatmen.



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