A contribution from the CTU Fund to support education activities can be requested until 29th April

A total of CZK 2 million will be distributed this year by the CTU Rector's Fund to support education activities in 2021. It will aim to promote and value integration activities beyond the workplace and CTU faculty. Projects submitted must have a distinctly school-wide character supporting horizontal co-operation, particularly in educational activities.

The Fund is established to support and reward integration activities beyond the workplace and faculty, to showcase the educational and related activities of CTU on a national or international scale, to support relevant social and sporting events and activities related to educational and related activities, or to value the significant personal contribution of corresponding activities of full-time importance.

Funding from the Fund is awarded only to CTU workplaces, workers and students. The appropriation is intended solely for non-investment expenditure and will not be used to support the organisation of conferences.

In recent years, our faculty has received a contribution to, for example, the organisation of the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution, the seminar Let's Break Barriers, the Conservation / Demolition workshop, the ColLabSketch remotely sketching project, or a concrete mobiliary made of concrete by 3D printing.

Specifics of this year's support

Priority will be given to projects that involve joint activities of multiple workplaces from multiple components. In view of the ongoing restrictions imposed because of the coronavirus, public and meeting events where people are in contact will not be supported. Furthermore, promotional materials will be required to be standardised across the whole school and, for reasons of efficiency, not to contain information limiting their use to short or single use only. The application must be accompanied by a description of how the project is promoted.

The rules for awarding a contribution from are set out here.

Application deadline

Be aware! The internal deadline for project applications from the Faculty of Architecture of CTU is 27. 4. 2021. Submit the forms to Mgr. Barbora Seifertová, project manager. Once approved by the dean, they will be no later than 29. 4. 2021 handed to the Department of Development of the CTU Rectorate.

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