Vaccinations for academics against COVID-19 (updated on 5. 5.)

From 3. 5 to 15. 6. 2021, academic staff involved in teaching may register for vaccination. Unique code that faculty gave them on Monday 3. 5. sent by email, to be filled at Once they have gone through all the registration procedures and have the date and time of their first vaccination, they will obtain an employment certificate from the FA Human Resources Department, according to the attached form to prove themselves before vaccination.
Registration for vaccination

In his letter dated Friday, 30. 4. In 2021, Robert Plaga, the Minister of Education, Youth and Sports, informed all university presidents that a covid-19 vaccination marketing authorisation had been launched for covid-19 vaccination for a group of university academics, in accordance with the approved covid-19 vaccination strategy in the Czech Republic.

As stated by the CTU rector Vojtěch Petráček, the term academic for this purpose is interpreted by the university as any worker who participates in teaching. Vaccination is prioritized for those who do not belong to groups for which registration has already been opened, other academics should use access to registration  for vaccination by age group.

Registrations for university academics to the CRS will be possible from May 3, 2021, to June 15, 2021. All CTU academic staff will receive an identical registration code, regardless of the faculty they work.

Once a particular university employee registers for vaccination at the CRS, an employment of certificate must be issued, using a uniform format. The FA certificate is issued by personnel specialist Dagmar Vopátková. With this confirmation, the academic staff member will subsequently prove himself / herself at the vaccination center, where he / she will be verified against an identity card or other identity card. Without this confirmation, vaccination will not be possible.

​​​​​​Unique code has been sent out

This code for registration in the system was sent out by the Vice dean for Public Relations, Jan Jakub Tesař on 3. 5. 2021 to all academics at their work email addresses. If you have not received this code, contact your secretariats. We remind that employees will also need an employment certificate for vaccination.

Vaccinations also in Student House and Charles Square
(updated on 5. 5. 2021)

The rector also said that the vaccination of CTU academics will be from 10. 5. 2021 also provided in Student House and workplace L DermamedEst, Karlovo náměstí 313/8, Prague 2, where they now apply the Moderna vaccinaton, but from about 19. 5. they have promised to have Pfizer/Biontech vaccination also. If the candidate for vaccination has the code of an academic, they are able to generate and provide a date in the office in Karlovo náměstí, or he / she should enter the workplace directly when registering.

A Pfizer/Biontech vaccine will be available. We will bring more detailed information shortly.

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