Leave No Waste Behind is the theme of EuroTeQ Collider. In addition to 5 credits, it promises attractive chances

CTU students now have the opportunity to participate in the international EuroTeQ Collider project, which develops a new approach to the education of future engineers and encourages creativity, innovation and knowledge sharing among the participants. It aims at new approaches and unusual solutions within a given theme, this year focusing on waste-free operation with the themes of city-energy-consumption.

As part of the international project of six European universities EuroTeQ Engineering Universities, students of CTU now have the opportunity to participate in the EuroTeQ Collider challenge, which aims to develop a new approach to the education of future engineers and to promote creative thinking, innovation and knowledge sharing, bringing new approaches and unusual solutions. This year's theme is "Leave No Waste Behind", waste-free operation, focusing on the themes of city-energy-consumption.

Collider will be launched on 10 February 2022, when an online launch ceremony will take place. After that, it will be time for preparation and Collider, with everyone involved working together. In May 2022, a working meeting will be held at CTU, it will be a total of 6 days – 2 weekends and 2 weekdays, which will be attended not only by registered students but also by people from the practice. This will give everyone the opportunity to learn together and from each other, gain insight into the latest technological developments, business inspiration and the opportunity to work closely with companies. Students will receive 5 ECTS for successful participation in the Collider.

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