All employees must be tested twice a week starting Tuesday, 11. 1. 2022

The newly effective Amendment No. 16 to Rector's Order No. 21/2020 requires all employees to be tested twice a week, 3 days apart. The order is effective as of Tuesday, January 11 and applies to all employees regardless of vaccinations received or covid-19 illness experienced. There is no testing requirement for students to enter the building. A person who tests positive will notify the school.

The most important points of the new amendment to the Rector's order have been selected. Details are in the full text in the annex.


The test site will be available to all CTU employees and members of CTU bodies on Mondays and Thursdays from 8.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. in room 102 on the ground floor of Building A (behind the reception) at 1580/3 Jugoslávských partzánů Street, or at the faculty in front of the Dean's office in 2nd floor. In the event that an employee refuses to undergo the test referred to in paragraph 5, this fact shall be reported to the locally competent public health protection authority without undue delay.

The result of the test must be entered into the CTU application designed for this purpose

Employees are required to enter the test result into the central test record here. The same login name and password as for the KOS component apply.

What to do in case of covid-19 disease:

Persons (students and employees) who have been found to be infected with coronavirus or who are under quarantine, as well as persons whose test result is positive for coronavirus, are obliged to report this fact immediately to the e-mail and to the secretary of the FA CTU Ing. Jana Tóthová and to leave the premises of the CTU without delay.

Students are required to include the following supporting information in the email:

a) Name and surname
b) With which other persons from CTU they have met
c) Which CTU faculties their contacts are studying at
d) If they are accommodated in a university dormitory, in which dormitory, block and room
e) Any requirements for obtaining quarantine accommodation (also in the case of students not currently accommodated in a dormitory).

For informing students about unexpected changes in the organization of individual courses, e-mail correspondence will be used using e-mail addresses listed in the application "".


Students, applicants and employees are still required to wear effective respiratory protective equipment on CTU premises. Students, prospective students and employees are required to continue to wear effective respiratory protective equipment on CTU premises, except during the student's oral presentation during an examination, and except during the student's oral presentation during an examination.

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