University is interested to hear how students are satisfied with their studies

Until February 28, 2021, students can fill out a survey, providing feedback to faculty and teachers about their satisfaction with the quality of teaching and faculty functioning in the 2020/2021 winter semester.

It takes less than a minute to fill out the survey. The survey is fully responsive and designed for both reading and filling in from mobile phones. Of course, if a student wants to write some comments, it takes a little longer to fill out.

Responses are primarily used by teachers, department management and faculty management to obtain feedback on the quality of teaching, and to provide input to improving teaching. The responses will also be used by younger students to find out, for example, the specifics of individual subjects and teachers, based on information from their classmates.

The survey is developed and operated by the Computing and Information Center (VIC CTU), used by all CTU faculties to get feedback from the past semester. For each faculty and each semester completed, students fill out two surveys:

1. A subject in which a student fills out a poll card for each subject enrolled. It can either just indicate its satisfaction on the scale, but also add a comment to each answer. The student answers the following questions:

  • Overall impression. Rate the overall impression of the subject (content + teacher). You can add subject and/or teacher ratings
  • Subject contents. Rate the content of the subject (topics, contribution, learning support). A text comment can be added. You can focus on topics, benefits, learning support, difficulty, timing, context
  • Teacher. Add a textual comment to your assessment of the @teacherName tutor (how to interpret, deal with students, equal access, etc.
  • Subject completion. You can comment on the end of the subject, e.g. intensity, fairness, compliance, etc.

2. A non-subject (full-faculty) in which a student assesses the running of the faculty. Here the student faces 5 questions. The student can mark his/her answers on a scale of 1-5 while adding comments.

Faculty is interested in hearing:

  • How satisfied are you with your faculty?
  • What helped you? Who/what helped me most in my studies and stay at the university?
  • What was wrong? Who/what bothered me most while studying and being at the university?
  • Another point? Any other point about what is happening at the faculty?
  • Do you work while studying? Indicate on average what time or how often and whether and how the work you do complements the study.

The results of the survey are publicly available to faculty teachers and students upon submission and are available within approximately three weeks of the close of voting.

If you have any questions about how the survey works, contact its programmer Michal Valenta from VIC CTU.



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