Mental health, motivation to learn and equal opportunities. Campaign for Equal FA kicks off

The survey includes a questionnaire survey and group interviews. You can participate in the co-creation of the Fair FA and any related changes.

The aim of the questionnaire survey is to map the topic of overload and students' mental health comprehensively from different perspectives. It was prepared by FA ombudswoman Dita Jahodová in cooperation with the Association of Architecture Students and the Don't Click and Sleep initiative. The questions address motivation to study, equal opportunities, reconciling study and personal life, equal treatment, power dynamics and harassment. The questionnaire is intended for students in all years of undergraduate and graduate studies. Doctoral students will be included in the survey as part of the gender audit.

"I would like the learning environment at the FA to be creative, inspiring and at the same time welcoming and fair. It is important to me that the faculty is a space for dialogue and takes care of the mental health of students," says Dalibor Hlaváček, Dean of the FA.


The survey is anonymous. Only the ombudswoman Dita Jahodová and the external auditor Klára Čmolíková Cozlová will have access to the data directly from the questionnaire and will handle the data ethically. You can access the questions in the questionnaire by logging in with your school email, which is only used to ensure that only FA students complete the questionnaire. Your email will not be linked in any way to the answers you write.

The questionnaire survey will be followed up by focus groups, which offer more space for sharing learning experiences. For dates and sign-up information, please see the individual events in the calendar.

Focus groups

The results of the survey will be presented to the Faculty management, the Equal Opportunities Committee, the FA Academic Senate and a separate debate will be held. Questions about the survey can be addressed to the ombudswoman Dita Jahodová.

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