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The future of Mladá Boleslav? The exhibition of student designs is the first result of cooperation between the Faculty of Architecture of the CTU and Škoda Auto University

Under the guidance of Petr Hájek and Jaroslav Hulín, the FA students prepared the exhibition City of Electromobility. It presents 19 projects that reflect on the architectural and urban development of Mladá Boleslav. The works were created as a joint project of the Faculty of Architecture of the CTU and the Škoda Auto Foundation with the support of the Škoda Auto University, Mladá Boleslav and the Art-Now Foundation.
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FA CTU, Škoda Auto University and the Škoda Auto Foundation concluded a Memorandum of Cooperation in May 2023. Its aim is mutual support, coordination and cooperation in the implementation of projects aimed at connecting the student community and developing the university environment.

"I have a great hope that our cooperation will lead to a practical interconnection of the disciplines that belong together – architecture and economics – in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. A holistic approach to design considers many factors such as social and cultural context, environmental impact and financial sustainability. In this collaboration, students can enhance each other's knowledge as well as skills and prepare themselves for collaboration in an architectural practice environment," says the Dean of the Faculty of Architecture of the CTU, doc. Dalibor Hlaváček.

The opening of the exhibition took place on 16 May in the atrium of the Škoda Auto University in the presence of the Dean of the FA, Prof. Petr Hájek and Prof. Irena Šestáková - Vice-Dean of the FA for Development and Construction. The central element is a multimedia installation that illustrates the sensitive connection between the city area and the Škoda Auto car factory. At the core of the exhibition are two workshop cranes carrying a wooden frame structure with an urban model. The students' designs are embedded in the situational model and clearly recognisable: they are made up of orange perspex objects. The individual projects are then projected on the wall behind the central installation along with a commentary.

"Among the student designs we can find atypical houses, unexpected solutions to missing parking spaces, cultural and co-working centres and steel footbridges that connect historically significant parts of the city. I am glad that the students have not been shy and have developed very diverse and confident proposals for how Mladá Boleslav could develop further," says Petr Hájek, the head of the studio.

For example, the design of an apartment building for research centre employees, the transformation of a car test track into a meeting place or atypical student housing. All the works can be viewed in the attached brochure. The exhibition in the atrium of the Škoda Auto University runs until 31 May.

© Hana Loskot
© Hana Loskot
© Hana Loskot

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