Catch me if you can. Smart sensor detects equipment failures in factories, FA student contributed to it

On 29 April, the final presentation of the projects created within the EuroTeQ Collider project course took place. The assignment came from industrial partners and was linked to the call Enhanced Connections for Sustainable Futures. The second place went to the SensWise project, which was also worked on by FA student Pavel Svoboda.

The EuroTeQ Alliance fosters collaboration between 8 European universities and 45 technology partners interested in innovation and develops a new approach to education, innovation and knowledge sharing. This year's competition attracted 41 students from CTU and new students from the Panská Secondary School of Industrial Communication Technology (SPŠST).

The Anomaly Pulse Masters project, which dealt with the topic "Digital Ear", was judged as the best entry. The team based their proposal on sound monitoring and noise filtering using the YeastBeast system.

A second team consisting of Pavel Svoboda (FA), Tuka Al Sabbagh and Šimon Kochánek (FBMI), Dominik Dvořáček (FEL) and Robert Otta and Marek Winter (SPŠST Panská) worked with the same assignment from Pilsner Urquell (Asahi). As part of their solution, a prototype of a device working with two directional microphones was created, which captures and analyses in real time anomalies in sounds produced by machines in factories. The device also continues to learn based on feedback from the operator.

"There is already a market for sensors for factories, so we decided to build our model on the most economical basis, for smaller or medium-sized factories. They can retrofit the device at any time without the need for a major reconstruction of the entire production facility," says Pavel Svoboda, who participated in the project as product designer.

The third place was taken by the project of students from the Faculty of Information Technology of CTU, which dealt with automatic generation of bibliographic metadata.

All three teams will present their projects in June at the international competition EuroTeQaThon in Paris, where they will compete against other partner universities (Technical University of Munich, Technical University of Denmark, Technical University of Eindhoven, École Polytechnique, Tallinn University of Technology, HEC Paris and IESE Business School Spain). The winners of the international final in Paris will secure their participation in the EuroTeQ Ignite Bootcamp event in Barcelona.

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