Research Centre of Faculty of Architecture

The Research Centre of Faculty of Architecture was established in 2012. It leads research projects, organises seminars and conferences and cooperates in publication activities.


  • leads research projects in cooperation with the relevant institutes of the CTU Faculty of Architecture, guaranteeing the professional quality of the project
  • cooperates on the preparation of themes for the doctorate study programme
  • organises or holds seminars, colloquia, symposia and conferences
  • creates and administers a database of information, material and documents related to the research activities in the studied fields
  • cooperates in publication, editing, presentation and popularising activities
  • performs supplementary educational, documentation retrieval, study and research activities focussed on supporting the profession
  • cooperates with domestic research workplaces, professional institutions and bodies and institutions with a similar orientation


FARC continues in NAKI II research (a programme for the support of applied research and development of national and cultural identity, until the year 2020) and it is preparing the 2018 Inventory of Urbanism conference on the theme of the conservation of monuments and urbanism. It is also contributing to the 2018 Inventory of Typologies as the sponsor of one of the three sections. It cooperates with the Člověk a prostor (Man and Space) foundation on the themes of Landscape and Regional Planning, The Architectural Elite in Contemporary Society and the Metropolitan Plan and its Innovations.

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