Kruh Educational Centre

Tuláček’s farmhouse in the village of Kruh near Jilemnice is used as a centre for intensive studio lessons, plenary sessions and retreats.

The former farmhouse no. 1, known as Tuláček’s farmhouse according to a former owner, stands on a hillock in the eastern side of the village on the road leading to Roztoky u Jilemnice. The farmhouse is an important example of late baroque folk architecture, typical for the area of northeast Bohemia for its half-timbered construction and decorated gables, while also unique for its grand majestic construction and monumental interior spaces. The core of the former farmhouse is comprised of the residential building, which has one upper storey covered by a mansard roof. There is a courtyard on its northeast corner, closed in the front by a high wall with a gate and entrance and to the north and south by the former barn buildings. The farmhouse combines the functions of a farm and factor’s house in its layout.

(Excerpt from the text Horáček’s Farmhouse No. 1 in Kruh and its Reconstruction from prof. Ing. arch. Karel Kibic, DrSc.)


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