Department of Interior Design

Interior design creation is the discipline of creating a space where the design plan involves not just the physical dimensions and typological model of the building, but also a clear idea of the scenario of its internal operations. The visual language of creating the atmosphere of an environment, primarily using lighting, approaches set design and applies media that today affect society’s aesthetic perception and even the form of cultural rituals. This level is then reflected in demands on contemporary architecture.

The Department’s studio assignments focus on cultural buildings, and its approach is based on the scale of the human figure and its relationship to space. It is a perspective that comes from the utility qualities of an interior space, as a function of the building and its influence on the exterior. This fundamental angle of view of the world is from the perspective of the human horizon, not a satellite perspective of the ground plan. In terms of interior design, it mainly focuses on the craft base of the expressive means of the architectural profession. The final finish creates the utility value of the work, directly affecting the user through the quality of the material and its processing, choice of fixtures, colors, light and acoustic comfort. Further levels of architectural thinking can only be built upon mastered craftsmanship.

In science, research and doctoral studies, the Institute focuses on researching new materials and technologies in interior design. With an overlap into the “stage design” of the public space, we address the issues of the influence of cultural rituals and media on the requirements of contemporary architecture and cultural buildings and structures.

The Department is the one of the co-founders of the interdisciplinary workplace Institut Intermédií, a joint studio of ČVUT and AMU/ www.iim.cz/ It provides the conditions for inter-departmental projects and the assembling of creative teams merging technology and art. One of the results of this cooperation is the tendered project “Laboratory of Silence” at the Expo 2015 in Milan, which has now become an interactive part of the permanent collection of the National Museum of Agriculture in Prague.

The winning project EXPO Dubai 2020.
Poster for EXPO lecture.
MCI lecture to EXPO Dubai 2020.
Exhibition of EXPO projects at the National Technical Museum.
Workshop FEL – jury.

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