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Department of Theory and History of Architecture

The department specializes in research into and instruction of history and theory of architecture and arts, including applied arts and design, as well as humanities that are linked to architecture: philosophy, cultural studies, aesthetics, psychology and sociology.

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“ History is the best teacher, who has the worst students.
Indira Gandhi 

We provide the students with an art history perspective on architectural jewels of the past and their authors and a no less attractive architectural/structural perspective on the everyday aspects of the rise of structures for the day-to-day lives of their contemporaries. Industrial architectural heritage and the history of technology are important themes. There is an increase in the importance of the historiography of post-war architecture, contemporary work and intellectual concepts and theories.

The institute performs traditionally extensive work when teaching doctorate students and contributes significantly to the main lectures of doctorate studies. One particular activity is the university of the third age.

When it seems that the question in front of us is absolutely new, history offers us a multitude of wise answers based on past experience. That is what the department is trying to teach.

The Institute operates a thematic library, a teaching encyclopaedic database, a website with a database that deals with post-war Czech architecture and also the website of the Czech section of Docomomo International.

The institute includes the Research Centre for Industrial Heritage, which is dedicated to the research, conservation and new use of technical monuments, and industrial buildings and complexes. It maps the industrial heritage in the Czech Republic, participates in the scientific, pedagogical, publication and public education activities during projects for the conservation of industrial heritage. The institute’s activities are closely related to the orientation of the affiliated Institute of Monument Care and Renovations, with which it works closely in the monument care study module.

The teaching staff of the institute are the authors of many monographic and encyclopaedic publications on the history of Czech and worldwide architecture and on important architects.


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Exhibition Living Together: Czech Collective Houses; installed in Liberec.
Exhibition Postwar 45-89: buildings, projects, architects.
The joy of the model of Gočár's Legiobank.

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