Department of Fine Arts

The department focuses on both practical and theoretical education of students in the field of fine arts, including drawing, modelling, graphic design, figure and photography. The department provides tuition for the following programs: Architecture and Urbanism, Design and Landscape Architecture. Instruction in every program is different and is based on the requirements of the individual programs. The institute organizes a drawing course for lifelong learning programs, a figure drawing course and preparatory drawing courses for entrance examinations. The focus is on individual instruction and development of each student’s talent rather than on predetermined limits on what things should look like.

We provide training for the fields of architecture, design and landscaping. In addition to this, we organise a very popular drawing course for life-long education, an evening course in drawing figures and a preparatory drawing course for the entrance exams. We actively participate in the Night of the Museums, where future adepts can see the students’ work and also try out their own abilities.

Galerie studentských prací předmětu výtvarná tvorba (studijní program Architektura a urbanismus)

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