Ing. arch. Jan Stibral

Assitant in studio Valouch

Scout, rap lover and culinary enthusiast. In 2018, he graduated from Professor Jiří Suchomel at FUA TU in Liberec, where he was behind the conception and production of the annual publication FUA 20 and the yearbook FUA 04: Report from the North. During a yearlong break from his studies, he worked on tea plantations at the foot of Mount Fuji in Japan. In 2014, he participated ( in the Czechoslovak exhibit ‘2x100 mil.m2’ at the 14th Biennale in Venice. In Ljubljana, he completed an internship with Vasi J. Perović and in the studio deklava gregorič arhitekti, also he went on to work in the Prague studio ov-a. As of 2019, he runs his own studio, Avocado Fresh, covering architecture, CGI and publishing activities.

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