MgA. Lenka Stejskalová Skoumalová, DiS.

Artist and teacher at the Faculty of Architecture, Czech Technical University in Prague, where she teaches drawing. She graduated from the Studio of Glass at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague and the drawing program at the Academy in Krakow, Poland and Granada, Spain. She deals with free creation and design (in 2007 she was nominated for the Czech Grand Design in the category Discovery of the Year). She uses a limited color scheme and glass material, by means of its semi-translucency and reflections it defines or redefines reality, and reflects the movement and light transformations of space in its objects and installations.

BLACK OBJECT V. / FROM THE BLACK OBJECTS CYCLE Object, overflow downdraw glass black opaxit, 2006 Photo: Gabriel Urbánek
INTERPRETATION Installation, overflow downdraw coated glass blue stopsol, 2007 Photo: Author’s archive
AWAITING AWEITING, Instalation, Church of the Infant Jesus 2019 Metallic-glazed, sanded and flat overflow downdraw glass – stopsol blue supersilver Photo: Zdeňka Hanáková
INNER LANDSCAPE Relief, melted glass sculpture, 2007 Photo: Gabriel Urbánek
INFINITY Object, overflow downdraw sandblast glass, 2007 In permanent collection of the Museum Decorative Arts, Prague Photo: Gabriel Urbánek
METAMORPHOSIS Installation/Site Specific, mixed media, wire and glass: float, lacobel, mirror, 2016 Photo: Zdeňka Hanáková
MELANCHOLIA Sculpture / Object – mixed media: cast iron, stainless steel, melted glass, 2007 Photo: Gabriel Urbánek
SILENCE Relief, melted glass sculpture, 2019 Photo: Author’s archive
PLACES / PATH / CROSSROADS Instalation/ Site specific, Metallic-glazed, sanded and flat overflow, downdraw glass – stopsol blue supersilver, 2007 Photo: Author’s archive
DISH / OBJECT / RITUAL Dish, overflow downdraw glass – black opaxit, 2007 (Nominated for the Czech Grand Design in the category Discovery of the Year) Photo: Vilém Mikyška

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