Final projects


Trčka Jakub

Architecture and Urbanism, MA diploma project


Proposal of the Master thesis is a modified unicellular organism, which has due to synthetic biology formed DNA to the extent that it is able to host on TI (waste pipe). It is able to drain a certain amount, due to the changed binding of its cofactors. The organism absorb it and transform it into a living plasmodium, which further develops itself. Therefore, we are able to transform a problematic element into a useful product by changing several basic “parameters” and solve by that problem of insufficient funds for the recovery of devastated objects. Thorough evolution of one tribe, we achieve a coherent, solid object that forms into the required spatial structure and is able to accommodate the required amount of residents. The organism is predefined to be able to solve its overgrowth with the help of it’s natural intelligence and to create such a structure with high efficiency, minimal costs and in a short time. By this conception we can solve the conditions for the re-functioning of the sites and its full integration back into the city.

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