Diploma projects


Michálek Jozef

Design, MA diploma project


In this thesis, we tried to connect the components of design, medicine, nature and technology. From a theoretical point of view, we describe depression as a disease and characterize its individual types. We will summarize the manifestations and the method of diagnosis and briefly describe the possibilities of therapy. We will evaluate the impact of lumiotherapy - light therapy, how it can help us preferentially in the treatment of depression and we will evaluate other areas in which this therapy can find its application. The aims of our design products is to unite society by reducing society's prejudices against people with depression. Its shape is designed to be comfortable for holding, the shape of handle is ergonomic, which should have a positive effect on the psyche of the person who is holding the lamp. This shape is supposed to resemble a hug, so it is also designed as such a small companion. It is pleasant to the touch and looks soft. by reminding me of a pleasant "soft" white color and a shape resembing a mushroom, and this concept of nature calms a person's personality. This lamp is a pleasant companion for relaxation, auxiliary therapy and prevention of depression for everyone. We follow the connection between technology and design in the production process, where with the help of a 3D printer we as designers can also compose our designs relatively easily and without restrictions. This product should be effective, as the impetus for its implementation came from the personal needs and experience of the author with depression, so we can confirm from experience that this lamp has a positive effect on the psyche of a mentally weaker person.

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