Final projects


Věnečková Jana

Architecture and Urbanism, MA diploma project


The aim of this diploma thesis is to design a hall of residence with added amenities in Prague 6 - Dejvice. Part of the analyzes is to determine a suitable location for its construction and to propose urban planning of the area. This diploma thesis is further devoted to a specific block in the hall of residence. The aim was to design multifunctional student dormitories with social spaces and cultural facilities. The proposed housing for university students has a total capacity of 462 beds. There are designed single and double rooms. There are 11 cell types in the project. Sanitary facilities are always solved within the cell. Some are with kitchen, some without kitchen, which is replaced by a shared kitchen for more cells. Most rooms have their own loggia depth of 0.5 m. Cultural facilities are provided by a generous multifunctional hall with a capacity of 242 seats. The flexible layout of the hall allows for concerts, theater, lectures, workshops or can be transformed into a small cinema. New construction needs sufficient civic amenities. The whole ground floor on the first and second floors is designed for new shops and services of a local nature, which will be adequate to the requirements of students and will also serve the public. The design creates a bistro, cafe, grocery store, drugstore, hairdresser, printing, stationery, bookstore and other rentable space. The rooftop garden offers space for common outdoor activities. On the roof there is space for common activities such as petanque, etc. There is also a space for summer barbecue in connection with two common kitchens. The necessary underground parking capacity for college dormitories is 92 parking spaces (90% of which are bound and 10% visitor). The total suggested capacity is 134. The remaining seats are calculated for the visitors of the multifunctional hall and for the living parterre with commercial facilities.

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