Exhibition of Studio Projects 2020

Cup of coffee and a cigarette

Bc. Eliska Šárová


The courtyard in the house in Novovysočanská Street is unused like many Prague courtyards, its only permanent inhabitant is a rack for carpets. However, this small space has huge potential. My project opens up a range of possibilities for what the courtyard can become for every inhabitant of the house. It would be a cozy place for meeting and relaxing, having an evening barbecue with friends, meditation, morning exericise or anything else. There is one paved patch for each of the three entrances and in between that grow ferns, geraniums and wild strawberries. There is no lawn, so no need to mow the grass and the plants are taken care of by an irrigation system. So all you have to do is lay down in a hammock, grab a coffee and light a cigarette.

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