Final projects


Írová Katarína

Architecture and Urbanism, MA diploma project


The assignment of the diploma thesis is based on the revitalization of a territory, one of the largest transport hubs in Bratislava, Trnavské mýto. The aim of the proposal was an informal cultural connection of individual city districts, which converge precisely on the territory of the Trnavské mýto. The building of Tržnica, which is located in the examined area, is currently decaying and its premises are unused. By changing the function of the building and by improving the surrounding public space, it is possible to attract the city's inhabitants to use not only the buildings, but the large space around the Tržnice area as well. The very wording of the word conversion means the functional transformation of a building with a partial preservation of the building substance. It was this motto that underlines the entire thesis proposal. The design is based on the existing material and the recognized structural system of the building. In this way, the building gets a function of a passage. The building is divided into four parts; the former basement of the building is transformed into a two-storey garage, which is currently very much needed in the central part of the city and a separate living parterre, which can function with the atrium independently of other facilities in the House of Arts. The second floor still belongs to the library, while the third floor is used as an exhibition space. Great emphasis was also placed on the surrounding public space, to the transformation of the existing paved area into a park and pedestrian zone.

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