Final projects


Tatíček Tobiáš

Architecture and Urbanism, MA diploma project


The theme of the Master’s thesis is the solution of the Holešovice Port Spit area (Přístavní kosa), which is located in the eastern part of the Holešovice harbour in the Prague 7 district. The Port Spit is one of the three peninsulas in the bend of the Vltava River together with the Maninská Spit (Maninská kosa) and Libeňský Island (Libeňský ostrov). The aim of the project is the urban and architectural adaptation of the peninsula space, which includes the creation of a new connection with the right bank of the Vltava in the form of a new footbridge, the creation of a new public space, the conversion of the former port warehouse into a public institution and the design of new residential buildings. The plan transforms a neglected area into a new, functioning part of the Holešovice river bank, thus connecting it with the rest of the city.

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