Final projects

Chair X. - Design and Implementation - Chair for a Dining Table

Taberyová Viktorie

Design, Bachelor Project


The bachelor thesis titled "CHAIR.x – Design and Implementation – Chair for a Dining Table " covers the research, design and realization of a dining chair design. It is a continuation of the already realized TABLE.x dining table design project. The CHAIR.x chair is designed using 15 mm thick joinery sanded beech plywood. A characteristic feature of the design is the central cross formed by inlay, which is placed in the centre of the seat above the connection of the chair's supporting crossbars. The name CHAIR.x is based on this detail, with the cross, the "x", being the idea behind the project. The aim of the design is to complement the TABLE.x dining table and create a compatible dining set with it. The proposed furniture set is suitable for any home and is especially intended for users who prefer natural design furniture.

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