Final projects

Elementary school of arts in Horní Počernice

Diviš Martin

Architecture and Urbanism, Bachelor Project


The school is proposed on the premises of schools managed by the city district. The complex is located on the border of a district of residential prefabricated houses and a neighborhood of family houses. The building is adjacent to the existing primary school with its eastern façade and the western façade, which lies at the border of the area, is adjacent to the family houses. The land has an almost flat nature. The building has three floors above ground and one underground level. The floors in proportion to the height recede from the building line on the 1st floor. The building is thus better integrated into the current development with a low height. The total volume of the building is representing the construction program, the area of the land, and the nature of the surrounding buildings. The overall architectural and urban design fits into the locality.

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