Final projects

Nový Střížkov Housing

Nejeschleba Vojtěch

Architecture and Urbanism, Bachelor Project


Garden City - a city in the gardens. The search for a new form of these two fundamental archetypes. My goal was to understand what a garden in a city is, which I claim is important for the lives of many, and that it should be clearly defined and also private or semi-private. Living in contact with the land, greenery, nature, in a quiet location close to the city center, with the same population density as Vinohrady. An alternative for people who would otherwise move to a satellite outside the city. I propose urbanism, which follows the local context with its orderliness, but says about itself that it is today. It turns slightly, tilts, flows, gradually opens and creates nooks. I suggest living in apartment buildings, which are adjacent to private and community gardens.

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