Diploma projects

House of Four Muses in Prague, senior co-housing

Ing. Bc. František Denk

Architecture and Urbanism, MA diploma project


Four Muses in the name of the project includes four types of artistic professions, which are run on the stage - acting, dance, music and singing. Their common denominator is a creative activity that takes place only in the present moment and does not leave himself any lasting artifact inscribed in addition to experiences in the minds and hearts of viewers. The proposed project ”House of Four Muses“ offers its residents not only home but also allow them to self-fulfillment with active participation of young colleagues. They will have the opportunity to continue to play, sing and dance, and share their experience with the young generation. Object ”House of the Four Muses“ consists of several components that characterize all the functional and operating structure by combining the concept of housing for artistically oriented self-sufficient and immobile elderly people with cultural facilities and public services. The building addition includes space for housing and the necessary social, operational and sanitary facilities, a multipurpose hall with facilities for visitors and actors, a restaurant, rehabilitation facilities, a literary club with refreshments and a relaxing outdoor space. Integration of the proposed project area in the current functioning of social care is provided through physical, functional and operational linking of all units and buildings.

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