Final projects

The school of new media for Jedličkův ústav

Bc. Kateřina Lehká

Architecture and Urbanism, MA diploma project


The aim of the work proposal was a school building "new media" for Jedlička Institute, which should enhance the range of degree programs offered by the institute. Elected in Prague was the site Podolský waterfront, which should, together with the building itself to provide a quality environment for learning and creative thinking and a space for interaction, not only across disciplines but also between students and the public. The school building should be integrated into the existing park, and so the project seeks to preserve as much green. Park free passes to the roof of the new building. Morphology is simple and easily linked to proximity to a watercourse. The entire building is designed as a accesible particularly since they provide young people with disabilities. Flats caretaker and visitors are located in a separate building contiguous the school building, which typologically rather builds on the surrounding smaller buildings.

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