Final projects

Rehabilitation and completion of the fortress in Slavkov

Klára Pešková

Architecture and Urbanism, MA diploma project


The subject of this diploma project is the rehabilitation of the fortress complex in Slavkov. The proposal addresses the restoration of the main building of the palace (later parish) from 16th century and and completion of a building in a place of defunct farm buildings. The newly proposed structures will be used by elementary schools as a base of schools in the countryside. The main principle of the proposal is an effort to preserve the traditional image of the country. Objects of the new buildings respect the historical situation of the area, creating an enclosed courtyard which is defined against the surrounding housing. For the needs of schools, three functionally related objects were designed (in the complex). Mass resolution is based on archetypes of buildings that previously stood there, and uses the gound. Inspiration by folk architecture was also essential when choosing materials. Traditional materials such as wood and stone were used. Gabled roof is covered by ceramic rooftiles - plain.

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