Final projects

Open Garden - Primary School Terezín

Mikešová Kateřina

Landscape Architecture, Bachelor Project


1/ Description and the Expected Solution of the Project The project area is located in the area of the Terezin Primary School. The aim of this project is to achieve a better connection of the school building with its outdoor space and to create a community garden, which makes the place open to the community and connects the school with the life of the people in the city centre. Therefore, the use of the outdoor area of the primary school is not limited solely to school activities but is used throughout the day. The overall completion of the bachelor thesis will be according to the document "Obsah bakalářské práce - Studijní program Krajinářská architektura, akt. 2021" - see the website of FA CVUT, with a special focus on these elements:  Small-scale architecture including architectural and structural design. The proposed units of small-scale architecture will be mostly original.  Completion and refinement of the section – water storage tank.  Design of the water feature List of specific points according to the assessment of the supervisor, opponent and the examination committee.  Redesign of the garden house  Redesign and completion of details of the architectural elements.  Detailed specification of the tree protective trellis.  Detailed specification of deep root watering system and others. Modifications to the thesis will involve both graphical parts and texts.

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