Final projects

Oasis in Hálkovy sady

Vymetálková Gabriela

Landscape Architecture, Bachelor Project


The project deals with the revitalization of the Hálkovy sady city park in Terezín and the modification of its adjoining road in Dukelských hrdinů Street. The intention is to cultivate this place so that it becomes a pleasant public space following the history and its surroundings, while providing the current inhabitants of the city with a comfortable and pleasant place to stay. The modification of the park connects it with the courtyard of the existing adjacent building in order to expand its living space. The newly created planting of trees, shrubs and perennial beds supports the composition of the park with a central water feature. This is a fountain, which is a symbol of a quiet oasis with the surrounding seating area. The proposed pedestrian crossing between the park and Dukelských hrdinů Street enables a safe pedestrian connection between the park and the newly designed bus stops. The transport accessibility of the place is solved with regard to the use of the city's inhabitants and its visitors.

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